Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"To be or not to be"

As) In the soliloquy "To be or not to be", Hamlet basically talks about his hardships and strains of life, by contemplating on how he should handle these situations or escape them. He thinks of possibly taking his own life as a way of escape or even killing the person who causes these hardships for him. He constantly struggles to understand a way of living a much better life than he does now, but he has no idea if escape or he is too afraid of what ideas may pop into his mind. He over thinks everything he thinks of and that simple what if factor comes to play that simple note of curiosity takes hold but he is to afraid to take on the challenge and actually try to escape to a better life.

B) The level of meaning to live or die speaks to MD in a sense that we live to die. Which in some form of way is true. We live our lives everyday knowing one day we will die and it will all be over, but what I don't understand is why don't we life as much as we possibly should? Now, I'm not saying for us to go wild and live like a complete free spirit, because we need some form of order in our lives to keep hold of some sanity. But, why do we as human beings not enjoy our lives as much as we possibly should? Why is it that when ever someone gets a chance to do something they actually would like to do they don't take the chance as much as they should, there's always an excuse or reason behind there absence whether it is school, work, family issues... Etc. Isn't life all about exploration, experiences, and trying new things? I believe religion, government, work, and other forms of power play a huge role in why we all don't take as many risks as we should. Whether we'll be judged, arrested, or considered unholy for an action that may seem wrong to others, but right to you. I believe we own the right to our own lives and the we should truly take control of our sacred rights, but now day society is so contaminated by what is being said or told what is "right and wrong", that we fear what the out come and consequences may be if we do a random off the wall action. To live or die, pretty much speaks to me in a sense that one must look live life the way they feel is best for them or die trying.

C) In my own personal life I currently take the path to following and achieving my goals one step at a time, taking control of my life and focusing on what it is I truly want to do with my life. Now my plans may seem a bit extreme or even impossible to some extent, but, I believe if I have the strength and will power to fight for these goals that one day I will reach them and look back at my past and feel that it has finally paged off and I am finally a success. Life is about choices and following your dreams, and I will learn to follow them take the risks and continue to choose to reach my future.