Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The physical, structural, and cultural elements of my learning environment/s should be hacked in many ways. But in one is finding the space to sit in peace and draw my art. I can draw anywhere I find comfortable which is most places. The environment isn't necessarily what I need for success. It's all about time in my opinion.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Response to raising a moral child article

Raising a moral child, is probably the biggest subject in child development today, because it seems as the generations move on parental habits on raising their children have changed as well. I can definitely relate to this article, because I experienced both the calm, cool, and collected parent that never physically punished me or did or said things to depleat my motivation. But I have also experienced the highly stressed out, impatient, and abusive  parent as well which has made impacts in my past that I do at times struggle with now. The reason why I say this is basically because my parents grew up differently than each other. So both have their own view on parenting, but only one is right. As I read the article I could do nothing but constantly look back at myself and see how I was raised by my parents. My up bringing was pretty interesting do to the fact that my parents are divorced, but I experienced two types of parents. One being my Dad, now my dad is a calm and very easy going person he grew up with both his parents together so his upbringing was more stable. While my Mom, she was a bit more of the opposite and grew up with a single mother and a father who left his family for another. So looking back at my parents pasts I begin to realize a pattern. From my Dad I see more acceptance and understanding, someone who will watch you fall but as soon as you hit the ground they pick you up and tell you "you see, that's why you have to pay attention." My dad never hit me or my sisters or ever displayed any reason to want to hit us, he rather use other punishment techniques like grounding or taking the phone away. While my mom was more impatient and hot headed, she always seemed more stressed out and too focused on making money and giving material things than showing love or effection. She always got mad over the littlest things and at times me and my sisters had to pay for the mistakes some way, either through word of mouth or slap/punch to the shoulder. The reason why I bring up these examples is because through out this article how to raise a moral child, I think they forgot one key element. And that's raising a child doesn't start with the child it starts with the parents and their history of how they were being parented at the time which I have constantly heard that we kids of our day got it "easy." Which I can agree with but I don't believe is a bad thing. Because reasons for discipline were more physical and stern than they are now. I think raising a moral child is simple as long as you show the child and teach them to understand good common values and to respect and love one another, especially themselves, then I think the child will be fine. But if the child lacks any of these qualities it maybe a point of concern and the parents should try and figure out the problem and help their child learn to understand and deal with the solution. Life is a constant struggle but without a good set of parental guidance you won't be able to understand the true reality and meaning of life unless the parents learn themselves to deal and cope with their past upbringings and how to make their children have a better life than they had. All in all, it all starts with the parents to raise a good moral child you must first learn to understand your own childhood and make changes on how things should be handled from how they wetmre in your past. Because history has a tendency to repeat itself, I should know.