Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Literature Analysis #6 Fiction: The Sorrows of Young Weather

     This story starts with a man moving after losing the love of his life. He decided to move to a rural town and focus on his painting and try to forget about his lost love. His plans did not go so well as he planned a few days after his arrival into his new town. He cones across a girl who he falls in love with. Days go by and they both started dating and so on. The girl had a fiancé but she still would go out with him to take walks and things like that. she made him think that he had a chance with her but in the end she went on and got married anyway. For him that was just too much and he committed suicide. This book was in some part confusing because the book was all created with letters that were wrote to a friend.

            The point of the book was in a way confusing because there was always too much going on with the story but I think that the author wanted to let the reader know that no matter how much you may love someone you can't force them to feel the same. And the more you run from your fears the more they come back to haunt you.

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