Friday, June 6, 2014

Whats next now?...

What's next after graduation... Now that's the question on my mind, now that the day has finally come. Looking back on my High School career I've learned that I didn't do much. A lot of it was honestly stupid immature mistakes I should've never even thought of committing. I got lost in so many things I wound up losing myself... But! I then discovered myself as soon as I walked into my senior year. I was put in an amazing class with a teacher who asked me what I wanted to do with myself an art teacher who always believed in me and gained new friends and reconnected with old ones. This year was a life changing experience I feel I grew so much this year I can touch the sky! Graduation is a bitter sweet moment but at least I got to see all my friends graduate with me and spend time with people who truly are my friends and make me happy. I look at graduation as a start to my Journey... Everyone has a journey and I feel mine is just beginning... At this moment in time I feel its time to stop the talking and start working!... So as from now on... The future is my canvas and all I'm going to do is paint it!

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