Sunday, June 1, 2014

Masterpiece Acadamy Essay

     From walking into this class I knew from the get go it was going to be interesting, especially after seeing the Graffiti on the wall. This class has helped me grow not just academically, but grown up a lot more in life. This class has helped me understand what it is I need to do to to progress in my future and how to take on life's endeavors. My thinking and writing skills have changed immensely in so many ways from thinking about what I wanted to do after the school day to now thinking what I need to do after high school its self. This class has thrown reality into my face giving me something we all as students lack, which is the truth.

     In this class I was given the respect of a colleague rather than a student, which in my opinion felt more accepting than an average student. I felt more willing to open up and express more of myself, because our instructor Dr. Preston looked at us all individually equal. He let us speak when we felt we should and gave feed back when asked or needed. I took this as opportunities to get information and even opinions on subjects I wanted to do in life. Every time I spoke to Dr. Preston about my art it seemed he always had something to comment or put out that caught my attention from a professional stand point. I felt more willing to have a conversation with him about my art more than a regular teacher just because of the fact that he looked at me as someone more than just a student, which made me feel more welcomed in his class.

     Connecting with a passion was easy do to the fact that I was always already connected to my art and music but something happened this school year that dramatically shifted my whole thinking of what my passions were. Although I've had a love for both art and music and always believing music was my true passion. I came across something I always knew I was good at but never took professionally I serious. That was my art, my art honestly as I have discovered is my true passion. I love music but that's just fun to do as a hobby as a profession how ever I see so many outlets in art. Some coming from clothing brand designs to graffiti murals on the streets. I reconnected with old ideas and found out the reasons behind my art and what art truelt means to me which is deeper than most could understand. If you know me, you know my art is never complete, I always draw and always will. My art skills will continue to progress as I take the steps to better myself and get ready for the art industry. How will I do so you ask?... Well just by drawing and creating art pieces to expose to the world, can't display art if you got nothing to show.

     Something about this course that honestly made me laugh out loud was the straight up honesty of our instructor Dr. Preston. I don't mean this in a bad way that he was rude or brutally honest, he just always answered with the truth or a wise word to get you thinking more. He always seemed to have an extra seed of creativity if you needed it. He always told us what we should and need to know not just what we're suppose too. I learned a lot from Dr. Preston, even in ways if confidence and how to deal with and carry myself. I've noticed the maturity level of myself increase from being in his class and I'm honestly just happy to say I met a teacher who knows what's up.

     Two individuals that stood out in their presentations to me were Jorge Garcia and Andrew Alcazar. Jorge displaying his passion for break dancing while Andrew talks about his love for music and poetry. Both of these guys explain there passions in detail and as they carry on I can do nothing but smile and just think in my head how much we can relate. For one being with Jorge he was a break dancer and he explains how once you stop its hard to get back in it and I should know after being a dedicated breaker all through junior high til I met a girl before my freshman year. And Andrew as he explains his passions of music and poetry which I love both subjects completely! Music of coarse being a big love of mine and poetry also being another hidden hobby of mine. I love listening to music and writing lyrics or poetry, because what ever you put down holds meaning to you in some form of way. It all is you in a sense. Three other students I must say have displayed a lot in there presentations are Jacob Caldwell with his Endocrinology, Veronica Cavasos with her entertainment industry dreams, and Daniel Alvarez with his cooking passion. All three of each one of these individuals displayed what I most definitely can see as passion. As I hear Jacob talk about his knowledge on fitness and muscle training I can do nothing but be amazed by how much hard work goes into just sculpting a body just like sculpting a piece of art out of stone. In Veronicas you can see it that the entertainment industry has always been a big thing in her mind and she displays it well with her quick cover song game showing how there's a lot of discrimination in the entertainment industry do to truth behind publicity. And also Daniel with his presentation on cooking. He brings to clan some food he whipped up just for the class to enjoy as he explains his passion for cooking. As I hear him carry on all I think of is me and how I feel after I produce my art he talks about how so much hard work goes into making something that is only other for a short amount of time it makes me think of my art like graffiti how an artist cab take up all this time to produce a dope piece to have it getting cleaned up or painted over a few days after being produced. Its a bitter sweet moment knowing your creation is gone but the fact that you did something amazing that at least a hand full of people enjoyed then that's what makes it all worth it.

     As for me, I'm far from being known as a hero but stepping out my boundaries and doing some things different with my art I have done. I've spoken to people about needed an artist for higher for events and such and have put it out there and are already getting hit up to commission art pieces and murals for people like my friends dad who wants me to paint a 49ers mural in his house or the Moose Lodge wanting me to paint stuff for them when they have special events. I've also done major step ups in the clothing brans aspect taking matters finally into my own hands. Me and a cousin of mine have tried developing a clothing brand but he continues to push off the project while I sit here with fresh drawings ready to be made into clothing designs. I finally got fed up and found someone interested in my designs and my ideas on a brand and that's Xavier Navarro. It's funny because just last year in our music history class me and Xavier joked about collaborating on a clothing brand when we presented as two heads if a clothing brand known as "Underground Kings" I couldn't do anything but feel nothing but complete excitement over what was happening before my eyes with our clothing brand ideas. At this point I just want to quit talking about it and start doing it!


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