Sunday, June 8, 2014

Unexpected Confession...

My night of graduation was probably a big jumble of emotions and feelings I was having all through the day almost ending depressed by news of something I wish I didn't actually hear sense I already knew... And to know others felt the same crushed me. But! That same night a confession was bestowed upon me. A close friend of mine I've had for almost 3 years told me something I never expected to hear... Its something I've would've never thought she ever tell me but she's crazy because I've always wanted this but now I'm stuck at a point if I should pursue or restrain myself from the subject. I'm honestly just in shock of the whole situation...this is something I never thought be reality and to hear that it's true makes me riled with such great emotions I can do nothing but smile! I'm honestly in a positive mindset now more so than ever! This friend gave me something I've never expected ever in the world to happen to me but it did and I can do nothing but smile... Now should I take on this endeavor or should I stray away and keep it simple to how it was before... I'm not sure i feel time and a few days of interaction should settle this choice... But all I know is this is most definitely a situation only I've encountered in a dream that some how came true... Idk what to call it but hey I feel if you live positive positive things will happen and that's what I intend to continue to do! (^.^)

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